Bevel Offers Black Men A Uniquely Tailored Grooming Subscription (2023)

Bevel, a wet-shaving starter kit aimed at the African-American community, addresses many of the common shaving issues men of color face such as coarse hair, inflammation, and razor bumps —shipping an assortment of essential products as part of a monthly bundle to complete your everyday grooming routine.

CJ Washington

June 13, 2018





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Overall Rating

Quality Of Products

Retail Value

Refill Frequency

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Subscription Management



  • Premium aesthetics and performance
  • Great line of skincare products
  • Plentiful stock of sharp blades


  • Might be expensive for some
  • No stand for the razor
  • Supply quantity can go fast

The Review

What Is Bevel?

Founded in 2013, Foursquare alum and CEO Tristan Walker saw the need to solve the grooming paradox that’s plagued African American men for years. Through his frustrations with skin irritation, which affects 80% of minorities, Bevel came to fruition —a shaving kit compiled of well-formulated skincare products and a standout razor to achieve the perfect wet shave.

Bevel, which clinically tests its products to ensure top quality, continues to disturb the online shaving club market, having seen a massive growth in sales at over 103 percent as of mid-2016. It’s sold on a quarterly subscription model with all shipments sent within the US.

  • Boosts a 95% customer loyalty rate.
  • Both men and women can use the shaving system.
  • Backed by many high-profile celebrities such as Nas, John Legend, and Magic Johnson.
  • Works best on men prone to razor bumps and skin inflammation.
  • Sold in Target stores across the U.S.
  • Sells a high-end beard and hair trimmer.
  • 30-day money back guarantee comes with each purchase.
Bevel Offers Black Men A Uniquely Tailored Grooming Subscription (1)

Unboxing Bevel

It’s hard not to admire the presentation of the Bevel box, which is nothing short of sleek with company logo and Twitter handle nicely represented. The shaved edges and matte finish complement its sophisticated theme. Lifting open the box, Iimmediately took notice of the safety razor that sits in the cutout slot and wasperfectly housed at the top, allowing me tobask in all its engineering glory. I’ll admit it’s a cool way of making a statement.

Next, I was met with a small envelope hash-tagged #ItsAGoodLook. Looking inside there was a shave guide and details on the rest of the product lineup showcased underneath the razor. It included a badger shave brush, priming oil, restoring balm, shave cream, and 60 blades. Nice work.

The Review

As a black man who takes pride in his skincare, it’s flattering to know a company like Bevel has my best interest at heart. The company delivers on a product that gives me back the confidence of securing a great shave: hassle and blemish-free. Its premium shave system offers most of the bells and whistles needed to compete with the industry’s biggest grooming titans.

The safety razor is a gorgeous piece of hardware that looks just as good as it performs. Aesthetically, it made for a great showpiece that added flare to my bathroom décor. Granted, I wish Bevel would have shipped the first box with a stand for better displaying, as it’s way too attractive to just rest on my white porcelain sink.

The construction issuperb, with a durable frame that addeda bit of heft to my shaving hand, but also aidedin the navigating process so to allow the blade to maneuver more naturally. The openings near the top of the head provide enough room for the steel blades to work their magic. Close shaves. No tugging. Using it certainly helped avoid the minor nicks and cuts that I normally suffer during my morning routine.

I get that we all play favorites when it comes to skincare products. But you’d be naïve to overlook the lineup Bevel bundles with its flagship razor. So before testing the cutter, it was off to the shower for my pre-shaving ritual, opening up my pores and relaxing all facial fur. I kicked things off by using the Priming Oil loaded with nick-protecting ingredients like castor and olive oil, which kept my face moisturized and softened threads. After about three minutes, it came time to lather up with the Shave Cream.

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The shaving brush created a rich froth that spread nicely across my mug. Though it required more than a nickel-sized dollop. Still, it kept my face incredibly hydrated thanks to its use of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. When shaving, I made sure to pass the razor with the grain and not apply pressure, as instructed. The method worked. It sliced through hair leaving no bumps behind. Last, the best part of the system: The Restoring Balm. It doubles as an aftershave and skin repairer that’s soothing to apply and citrus scent was refreshing. It’s also super rich in nourishing ingredients like lactic/salicylic acids and Shea butter, sure to reduce any blemishes encountered in future shaves.

I set my standards high when it comes to grooming products, as well you should. So it was relieving to see that Bevel lived up to the hype. But I don’t see the skincare stuff lasting me the advertised 30 days since I normally require a bit more during shaves. And this could become an inconvenience when waiting out the monthly period for my next supply. Then again, I do have a Target nearby where I can re-up on product when necessary. But will I want to? It’s just a fortunate scenario the shaving system is a stellar performer that’s classier than anything I’ve ever used. Therefore I’m destined to stick with it.


This is where things can get a bit confusing. Bevel claims its starter kit is originally valued at $135, but sells at a standalone price of $89.95, while offering the service to subscribers in three monthly installments of $29.95. So basically, you’ll purchase the set as a quarterly subscription for the latter price and receive all its contents including razor and brush. Though future boxes remove those two items out of the equation. A shipping fee of $4.95 is only added to your first shipment. All items can be purchased separately at select prices. You can charge it with any major credit card or through AMEX Express Checkout. Note that all subscriptions are auto-renewed.

How to Subscribe

Signing up to Bevel is slightly different than most grooming subscription boxes. For one, you’ll get the chance to fill up your cart with a shaving system before creating an account. At least this gives you a sense of what the total charges will be before committing. One selected, you’re brought to the pre-checkout page where you’ll be prompted to create an account (by entering your email and password). Type in all billing and shipping information, add any promotional codes, and submit the order. A confirmation email is then sent with order and tracking details within 24 hours of purchase. Since there is no mobile app, Bevel advises monitoring your account via web browser.

Managing Your Subscription

No rocket science required here. Create an account, click the “My Account” tab at the top right, and be redirected to your profile page. Here you can update all personal info such as name, email, phone number, security, payment method, and shipping info. Super basic stuff.

Bevel offers the chance to pause shipments in the case you’re one who shaves less than often or travels constantly. Do so by visiting “My Account” and click “pause next shipment” in the lower left column. Choose between one week or one month. To cancel a subscription you must email [emailprotected] If processed prior to all three payments being made, “any remaining balance will be charged at the time of cancellation,” which will include “tax and/or duties where applicable.”

You can also:

  • Refer a friend by sharing a personalized link via Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Monitor earned credits
  • View a subscription history
  • Gain instant access to the FAQs page by clicking the sidebar link

Is Bevel Worth It? The Verdict:Must-Have

Bevel is something the grooming industry had been missing. A shaving system designed to eliminate the trauma most men of color endure when taking a blade to the face, itsrazor and skincare products work great to create a superb shaving experience. The brass-weighted double edge razor, in my opinion, is designed for flawless execution, performing close shaves without butchering my neck. Most importantly, the step-by-step instructions included are a major benefit for first-timers or dry shavers switching over. The cost may be a bit steep for some, and the possibility of running out of product before your next shipment comes is a drawback. Nonetheless, the convenience and reliability that comes with Bevel makes it worth the buck.

Brand Competitors

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  • GoodShave
  • The Personal Shave

Deals, Coupons and Promo Codes

  • Earn a $29.95 credit towards your Bevel subscription with every referral signup
  • Referral signups also receive $30 off their Starter Bundle membershiporder
  • Military servicemen and women get up to 15% off subscription payments
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Is Bevel shampoo for black people? ›


Is the Bevel pro worth it? ›

Worth it for sure, if it's what you need.

So, if you're a person of color with sensitive skin, someone impressed by well-made products at the top of their category or you simply can't stand to look at another vintage Andis, the Bevel is probably a good bet — especially when it's on sale, which is often.

Is Bevel products Black-Owned? ›

Bevel is a brand that sets itself apart from the rest. Created with men with textured hair and pigmented skin in mind, this Black-owned brand now has a loyal following and an even wider assortment of products than it did during its launch.

Who is Bevel for? ›

Bevel is a Black-owned brand that makes affordable grooming essentials for people of color. I've used nearly all of the brand's products, from trimmers and razors to body wash and lotion. Here's a rundown of some of my favorite Bevel products and where to find them.

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  • OGX Extra Strength Damage Remedy + Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo. ...
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